Albany is a port city in Western Australia, located 418km south-east of Perth. The city sits on the northern edge of the Princess Royal Harbour, and was founded in 1827.

Now a well known tourist destination, there is much to explore in Albany, ranging from its natural beauty and beaches to its cultural heritage and points of historical significance.

We have listed a number of local attractions which we encourage you to visit during your stay in Albany. 

Getting To & Around Albany

Albany is located 418km south east from Perth, approximately four hours drive down the Albany Highway. There are a number of options to get to Albany, by car, bus, or plane. Within Albany city centre, many sights and attractions are accessible by foot. Other attractions can be visited via car, or bus tour.

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Dining in Albany

There is no shortage of restaurants in Albany for a foodie! There are a wide range of choices available to suit everyone. We have listed our favorite restaurants, which we recommend you try during your stay in Albany.

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Entertainment in Albany

There is plenty to do and plenty to see in Albany! Right across the road from the Albany Foreshore Guest House is the Entertainment Centre. A Cinema is also nearby, on the Albany Highway.

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Historical Attractions in Albany

From heritage buildings to museums and more, Albany has a wealth of cultural and historical attractions, dating back to when it was first founded as a convict settlement.

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Scenic Attractions

Famous for its Princess Royal Harbour, there are many other scenic attractions to visit while in Albany, from its coastal beaches to national parks.

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In Albany you can see the latest movies at the Orana Cinema Complex, located at 451 Albany Highway.

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